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IT is extremely complicated. In a business, there will be a wide range of IT hardware. For example, a business will have servers, PCs, and pocket PCs. Servers can also be further subdivided into different types of servers. PCs can include desktops, laptops, tablet PCs, etc. To complicate things further, similar kinds of PC servers may be made by Lenovo or HP.

In addition, there are a wide variety of network devices, connection devices and storage devices. Even more complicated than those hardware devices is software, which includes operating systems, databases, application software, and security software.

These huge numbers of components greatly increases the complexity of IT system. Its complexity is demonstrated in seven areas: Quantity, heterogeneity, decentralization, dynamic, functionality, configuration, and ownership.

The application environment also increases the complexity of IT systems. The market and competitive environment users face is fast-changing, making business methods and processes change and become increasingly complex. Additionally, due to mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring of enterprises, different corporations’ IT structures need to be further integrated in order to adapt unified, centralized infrastructure management and process management tools. On one hand, these changes force IT systems to make more adjustments in order to adapt to the users’ needs. On the other hand, it increases the uncertainty of the IT system.

Tools come to rescue

IT Assets and Event Management Expert

Unitedlinx’s IT Assets and Event Management Expert is the ultimate solution for automating recurring IT tasks. With Unitedlinx, IT professionals can offer extended service capabilities with better service delivery. And, with optional configurations, maximum scalability and multiple domain capabilities, IT departments or service providers of all sizes can experience the rewards of IT automation. It inludes:

Comprehensive IT Assets and Infrastructure Management

  • Collect asset information so you can tell what you have
  • Cover the full infrastructure: servers, desktops, networks, and applications
  • Do fault management so you can detect problems reliably
  • Help you remediate problems with our remote access and built-in knowledge base
  • Track performance metrics over time, so you can identify performance-related issues, and so you can do capacity planning
  • Track performance metrics over time, so you can identify performance-related issues, and so you can do capacity planning
  • Collect security-related events and implement patch and vulnerability scanning

Built for A Multi-Tenant Environment

  • Organize your customers separately and securely
  • Generate reports for customers at one or more sites
  • Provide access to your customers via the Web, see their own data, locked down and controlled as you see fit

Multi-Vendor IT Event and Performance Monitor

Asset, Security and Performance Reporting

e-Commerce Platform

Our e-Commerce Platform is a comprehensive solution which allows online businesses to accelerate their time to market for their e-Commerce Web presence. Our e-Commerce Platform provides a feature rich Web commerce experience, including:

  • Scalable system
  • Multi-language, multi-currency support
  • Catalog, products and pricing management
  • Shopping cart, checkout process
  • Customer and account management
  • Promotions definition and enactment
  • Payment processing
  • Content management tools

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